MappointAsia offers satellite imagery from 2 constellations, daily images at 3 meters everywhere from Planet and 1 meter tasking-on-order from DMC3 constellation of 3 satellites operated by 21AT of Beijing.

Our daily imagery service is derived from over 100 satellites orbiting 400 km above the earth. With 100 satellites we are able to image everywhere on the surface of the earth everyday. Our daily coverage will begin in the 4th quarter of 2016 when the constellation reaches 100+ satellites. Today we offer multiple images per week of the same location from 60 satellites. For more information on Planet images please click here. ​​

For higher resolution imagery we offer 1 meter resolution imagers from DMC3 satellite. DMC3 constellation is designed so that it can capture images anywhere in the world everyday. Therefore we can deliver the needed images that you need faster.